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March 19, 2021
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10 Canadians Who Killed in Comedy in 2021 – Interrobang

After a brutal 2020, this year continued to be a tough year for comedy worldwide, and Canada was no exception.  It was a stop-and-start year in Canadian Comedy. It was bleak and began with a 6-month lockdown. Shaky stage time was the rule, followed by outdoor shows in the summer and fall until it was too cold. As the end of 2021 looms we are facing the uncertain fate of our venues again. Lockdowns are not off the table.

This list is to commemorate the moments that stood out above the bleakness. The moments that brought laughter, contemplation and inspiration. It is a list of 15 people in Canada who helped break through the gloom this year, and perform great comedy, with a special emphasis on albums. The re-emergence of new recorded comedy was a welcome dispatch from an art form we all missed.

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